3 simple steps to get your tarot card reading

1. Choose your tarot card reading

Select either Short or In-depth reading. The first one is a 3-6 card spread and a min. 200 word answer. For the In-depth reading I use 7-10 cards and give you a min. 500 word answer. Both answers will be in your email inbox within 48 hours

Choose your tarot card reading
Complete a short online tarot form

2. Complete a short form

After you chose which tarot card reading you wish to go for, I'll ask you to fill our a short form. This is so I can understand a bit about you and your situation so I can provide you with the best possible tarot card reading

3. Get your tarot reading delivered to your inbox

And finally, I'll write an answer to your tarot card question and fire an email to the email address you indicated on the order form. All within the 48 hours from the moment you ask for a tarot reading

Get your tarot card reading delivered to your inbox

Frequently asked questions

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