Code of ethics

So, what is an ethical tarot card reader? My definition of an ethical tarot card reader is someone who:

  • Cares about their client;
  • Has processes and policies in place to put ethics at the core of their service;
  • Has clearly defined boundaries, including what topics will and won't be covered.

Below are the core principles I follow when I practice tarot card reading:

  • Client confidentiality is paramount and respected at all times. This means I will never share any details of my clients' reading without their explicit permission. I will store client information securely and use it only for the purpose of the tarot card reading, unless explicit permission has been provided otherwise (e.g. consent to receive the TimelyTarot newsletter);
  • I will always be fair, non-judgemental and treat everyone equally regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or any other characteristics;
  • I will never, never perform tarot card reading on determining the outcomes of pregnancies, pending legal cases, or any medical or health diagnosis. These situations require professional and qualified help and are absolutely beyond the capacity of a tarot card reader;
  • I will only provide tarot card reading to people who are over 18 years of age;
  • I will not tell you what to do. The role of a tarot card reader is to provide counsel and to guide, not prescribe a "solution". It is important that you maintain free will during a tarot reading and chose your own path;
  • I will always seek to be open and transparent. I will always disclose the tarot card reading terms and conditions upfront;
  • I will only read to people who have given permission to read for, I will not attempt to read for third parties;
  • I will always strive to improve my tarot cards readings knowledge and skills.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the information on this page, please send me an email to or use the Contact form on my website.

The last update on this page was published on 5 October 2019.