I have seen a lot of queries on the web about online tarot card reading. Mostly, people are asking how it works with being online and whether it can be accurate and deliver the same experience as the conventional tarot. In my opinion, online tarot card reading works in the same way as the face-to-face one. And yes, it is accurate and delivers the same if not better experience. Here is why.

Let's begin by tackling the first question.

What is online tarot reading?

Tarot card reading is a practice of consulting the special cards, known as tarot, to gain an insight about a present, past or future event. The process starts with a question formulation. This is the common definition that you can find on pretty much any encyclopaedic website.

One day tarot card reading might only be available online

One day tarot card reading might only be available online

To me, I think of tarot card reading as the tool that provides guidance in life, uncovers deeper truths and open eyes on important life lessons. I believe the main calling for tarot is to encourage the person to find the guidance for themselves rather than tell them what to do and what to choose in life.

Where does this leave the online factor you might ask? Well, it's simple. It is the same tarot but done online, through the website, email or web forms to convey the question and to provide a reading. The process of shuffling the deck and laying a spread on the table, then consulting the cards - all these are still the same. The only difference is the medium. It has changed from an easily forgettable conversation to a written email that can be kept and consulted at will.

Online tarot reading experience

As previously mentioned, the online factor becomes part of the journey and therefore plays an important role in the overall experience. When you first approach a tarot card reader face-to-face, you don't necessarily know much about them or what to expect from a reading. However I provide personal details about myself on my website, and further info in my blogs so you can get to know me beforehand. My website is easy to navigate and online payments are all incredibly secure and confidential. Your email address is never shared with anyone else. You then receive your reading within 48hours, and you can access it on your computer / tablet / mobile phone. Nothing could be more convenient, and you can read it as many times as you like - anywhere, anytime.

And now the reading itself. The way I do it on TimelyTarot is via email, but I don't simply stop at typing the reading description in an email to the client. I set up the table for the reading, use mystical aids such as fauna or crystals, and take a photo of the cards. I then put the reading copy with the picture in a nicely formatted PDF file before firing it back to the client.

I want it to be presentable and memorable, not a plain text scrambled in an email which can easily be lost in the inbox. I want the reading to last. And by going an extra mile with the presentation I think the reading has a better chance to last.

I also believe there is less of a barrier for people to request a reading online. In person, you might not be completely comfortable talking about your most personal and sensitive issues. There are intimate questions you might not be as open to ask a tarot card reader face-to-face as opposed to asking online. I think online, people are more open when it comes to asking the tarot. Though, this does not apply to everyone of course.

Another point about online tarot card reading experience is convenience. You don't need to leave your home to get a tarot card reading. Or if you're out and about you can order a reading on the go, using your tablet or mobile phone. You can order your personalised online tarot card reading with TimelyTarot with just a few clicks and be guaranteed a professional service you can trust.

Can online tarot reading be accurate?

There are thousands of tarot card reading websites on the web. Some of them are run by actual tarot card readers, others utilise software to offer reading. Some are free, some are paid, a few are accurate and then others are not so much.

Free tarot card reading website

In my opinion, the accuracy of the websites that offer free tarot card reading through a some sort of a software solution are not as good as the real thing. Having tried a number of them, I suspect the reason is because they all use a standard algorithm to generate cards.

Free online tarot card reading robots can produce low accuracy

Free online tarot card reading robots can produce low accuracy

So instead of leaving destiny to determine what cards will fall on the table, and allowing cosmic forces to come into play, instead a prescribed computer methodology determines the selection of your cards. The intuition of the tarot card reader is also lost and they are the most essential part of the process. A computer however can not understand anything beyond the sum of it's parts, meaning that the total effectiveness of a group of things each interacting with one another is different or greater than their effectiveness when acting in isolation from one another.

If you still want to have a go at the free online tarot card reading you should remember a few things. Firstly, you're not going to get much for free (same as in real life), so do not expect a good level of accuracy in the free reading. Secondly, without a human intervention the computer software can only bundle up canned responses to form your reading based on the predefined algorithm that determines the card selection.

To sum up, online tarot card reading is pretty much the same as the face-to-face or traditional reading. However with the wonders of the internet you can get a reading faster than ever before, on the go and with in complete convenience. The most important part of a tarot reading stays the same, that is the human touch of shuffling the deck, laying the cards and intuiting the real message within.

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