Tarot cards can be your best-kept secret for career success. Whether you need to figure out how to work better with a frustrating coworker, or are seeking advice for your next career move, using the Tarot can illuminate your way. Seeking to align yourself with what’s for your highest good, and having the foresight to consult the Tarot, is the quickest way to start seeing synchronicities that bring your career to new heights. Doors will open where there were none before, plus you’ll be confident and assured the decisions you are making are in sync with your natural talents and the Universe’s special plan for you. Read on to learn the best ways to use Tarot to bolster your career.

Attuned decision-making

Having a Tarot deck nearby does wonders for your career. There is no question too big or too small to ask and the answers are provided on the spot. For a quick question, you can simply shuffle and pull a card to get insight about a situation.

If you are stuck between two different paths, you can pull an either/or spread. In this spread clearly state your intention to be guided about the possibilities of two different options. State the first option and then pull a card. State the second option and pull a card. Now, you can compare the two different paths and see which one offers a path forward you like more.

Another quick method for a yes or no question is to set the intention that one suit (you pick) is yes and another suit (you pick) is no. Shuffle and then pull until you get one of the suits. The suit you get first will tell you if the answer is a yes or a no.

When the question requires a bit more consideration, you can do a full tarot spread to help clarify what is happening, the things that need to change, and where you are doing all right. There are countless spreads you can find, or you can make your own up. Doing a spread requires a bit more time to digest the information and you may want to jot it down to go back to in the coming days and weeks for insight.

Timing with Tarot

Much of career success depends upon good timing. You need to know when it’s best to ask for a promotion, or how long until you should start looking for your next position. These types of questions can be easily answered by using the Tarot cards.

First, shuffle your deck well and set your intention. You may ask how long until something happens or when it is best for you to take action. Take a few deep breaths and then draw your first card. It is not the card itself that matters and you don’t apply the card’s meaning to your reading. Rather, it is the elemental suit that you will use for divination.

If a Major Arcana card comes up, know that it is relevant to your question about timing, and put it to the side to contemplate after. However, you are looking for a card that has a suit, so keep pulling until you get one.

The time association with each suit is as follows:

  • Swords = Days
  • Wands = Weeks
  • Cups = Months
  • Pentacles = Years

Now that you have the time unit, you can pinpoint the exact date by pulling until you get a card with a number. For instance, if you get a 3 of Swords for the first card, the timing is a matter of days. If you draw a 9 of cups for the second card, your answer is in 9 days. This method tends to be incredibly accurate and is a wonderful tool to use for good timing.

Court Card mentoring

Court Cards are immensely helpful when career questions pop-up because their humanity makes them trust mentors. There’s quite a few ways to benefit from their wisdom, which requires its own list:

  • Find Your Marketing Demographic
  • To really hone in your persuasiveness, pick out the Court Card that most represents your target audience. Spend time getting to know this Court Card and reflecting on their motivations, intentions, and style. Being able to link a Court Card to your marketing demographic helps you to create offers that align with their core values and truly offer a service that they need.
  • Have a Conversation with a Boss or Co-worker
  • If you need to have a difficult conversation with someone, find the Court Card that you feel best represents them. Practice speaking with the card to help you remain calm and cool when the time for conversation arrives. Identifying the Court Card that reminds of you this person can also give insight about how they may react so you can be better prepared to answer any questions they have or concerns they bring up. For instance, the King of Pentacles person would be most concerned about the financial bottom line, while a Knight of Cups person may resent having to deal with the practical details.
  • Gain insight from your astrological Court Card
  • You can look to the element of your Sun sign in astrology to see which Court Card you are aligned with based on your current age. Swords are Air signs, Wands are fire signs, Pentacles are earth signs, and Cups are water signs. From there, find the Court Card in the suit of your astrology sign that best matches your age. What are the strengths and weaknesses of that Court Card? Use this insight to boost your strengths and address areas of weakness so you can be optimal in your career.
  • Asking What Personality Traits to Strengthen
  • If you are having questions about your career path, pull out all the Court Cards in your deck. Set the intention to figure out the type of personality you need to have for success in your career. Pick out a Court Card and then spend time bringing the energy of that card into your life. Allow their wisdom to guide you in your business and career decisions.

About the author

Mary Cole is a US based tarot reader and astrologer with over twenty years of experience. She learned tarot from her grandmother and at an early age was divinely inspired to pursue it as a life path. Having done over one thousand readings, Mary remains enthralled by the mystery of tarot and considers her journey through the Arcana ongoing.

You can learn more about Mary by visiting her tarot website, 7Tarot

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