If you have ever had a tarot reading that you weren't happy about, chances are you were not asking the powerful questions. By powerful I mean the type of questions that focus on producing practical, insightful and actionable answers. Something you can actually implement in your day-to-day life.

Asking these type of questions sets a direction for the tarot to explore the meaning of the question and uncover the reasoning. Badly formed questions, however, are likely to produce obscure, confusing and meaningless answers.

In many cases all you need to do is to take a little bit of time to think about your question and formulate it in the way that gives direction for the tarot and does not limit its potential.

To help you, I have put together these three rules for formulating powerful tarot questions:

  • Always ask open-ended questions;
  • Only focus on yourself and the things you can control;
  • And always ask about the present.

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Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

How to ask powerful tarot questions

Ask open-ended questions

Unlike yes/no questions, open-ended questions provide an opportunity to explore the reasoning behind the question. They set the path for the tarot to go and seek the guidance on the issues you're facing in life. As a result you can get insights and more information from an open-ended question as opposed to a yes/no one. For example:

❌"Will I ever find a true love?"

Okay, I see what you're trying to find out, but you can't really go any further than yes or no. Let's say it's a yes. Yes, you will find your true love. As pleasing to ears as it might be, it does not really teach you anything and therefore it is not helpful at all. Do you need to change your behaviour? Is there anything you need to think about?

In contrast, if you ask ✅"What should I be doing to help me to find my true love?" - the question is openly asking for guidance and allows me as a tarot card reader to dive deeper into the cards' symbolism to search for reasoning and meaning.

Here are small tips to make your questions open-ended:

  1. Change the beginning of your question to include "Give me a reflection of ...";
  2. Instead of starting your question with "Should", "Will" or "When" go with "Why", "How" and "What".

Focus on yourself and the things you can control

Asking about third parties is a wasted opportunity. The tarot reading is supposed to be personal, it's meant to be about your own personal and spiritual journey. It gives you a chance to get a perspective on your life's choices and learn from them. Asking about someone else deprives that person from this opportunity and is also regarded unethical (some even call it privacy invasion).

Let's be honest, the questions about other people are often about what you can get out of them. You cannot control what others think or do, same as you cannot control external factors. So, instead accept the things you can change.

Remember, you can always be in charge of your own choices. Therefore, make the most of it, ask the tarot to focus on the things you can change and learn from the answers it provides.

Always ask about the present

The choices you made in the past are gone, and there is nothing else you can do but to reflect on what went right or wrong. Your future is going to be influenced by the actions you take today. So, direct your focus on your present life choices, behaviour and attitudes.

Despite tarot's reputation for predicting the future, I think many people are mistakenly relying on the cards to tell them what is going to happen to their life. Instead of waiting to be happy tomorrow, you should be focusing on what can make you happy today. The choices you make today shape your future. Tarot can help to clarify and advise on the choices you can make.

Remember to focus on the present, the past and the future are out of your control. The only things you can be in charge of are your current life and the present actions and choices.

Let's recap

These three rules can be applied to any question you want to ask the tarot. Applying them will dramatically improve the quality of the answers you get.

So, next time you go for a tarot card reading or order a reading online, remember to follow these rules to make your questions powerful:

  1. If my question open-ended?
  2. Am I asking about myself and the things I can control?
  3. Is it about the present?

If the answer to all three is "YES" then you are bound to get a meaningful answer, the one you can learn from and apply in your life. If the answer is "NO" - take a little bit more time and think about what you really want to learn about and phrase your question to get to the core of what you're trying to understand.

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